5 ways through which hiphop has healed me : KAV-E

kav e 5 things hip hop healed me

KAV-E has been holding the scene down in Bombay alongside Elsewhere, killing it in the cyphers, battles, video whatever be it. He is a force to be dealt with in terms of lyricism and content.

His latest release “HEAL” he talks about how music helped him heal and also pays attention to the way media influences the public. In a progressive phase of hiphop where trap is latest happening in hip-hop, this bombay veteran stuck to his roots and murdered the old school type instrumental by the Jazz Liberators.

Here is 5 ways how KAV-E thinks HipHop helped him heal.

1- Individuality/ Identity: When i was introduced to Hip Hop there was this notion that it is a bad influence and some of the rappers that are out there who provide more weight to that argument, you know what i am talking about. But Hip Hop as we all know is a power tool and it has shaped the way i think, i understand or interpret my surroundings my world. It has played an important role in molding me as an individual and given me this sense of confidence. I am glad that my brother had got that c.d. home. It has proved to be more than just music. Its a part of me now.

2- Pleasure/Purpose: While having this conversation with my friend, he told me that “you have found your purpose in life, your music. You are lucky”. I still think on that and what he meant by that. There is so much i want to give so much i want to do and honestly i am still trying to figure things out but what i do know is that Hip hop gives me this pleasure, this happiness that doesn’t compare to anything else. Once i am stage and i hold that microphone things seem so simple.

3- Escape Route: The pressure of life can be too much at times. Its doubled when you trying to find a balance or choose between work and passion. Hip hop has provided me a an escape hatch where i am free of that and everthing else. Free from all the prejudice and all the bullshit. Hip Hop provides me that space where i can drift , ponder, sort my thoughts while taking in its infinte divinty. Rarely you will find me without my headphones.

4- Constructive outlet: This one is an extension of point 3, Hip Hop has given me an outlet where i can pen out all my emotions (positive or negative) in far more constructive way for myself. Rather than indulging in self hurt and in the worst case hurting other too it gives me way to self heal. If it wasn’t for hip hop i don’t know i would have been a very different or bad. Hip Hop keeps me sane. Also,i love this when it happens, when people tell me that they could connect to my words and could relate. It gives this impression that you are not the only one, you not alone, which helps you know… heals.

5- Family: The best thing that Hip Hop has given me, is this one big extended family. My folks from Elsewhere and the team (apart from the known Elsewhere members)that works in the background for B3. I know these people got my back and would attend to my wounds if i fall. Not to forget the other people who show up at chypers who give me that fire and a sense of belongingness which in this world is very comforting.

Check out KAV-E’s latest single “HEAL”