5 things which HipHop taught me : Enkore

5 things hip hop enkore

Bombay Veteran Enkore dropped #LIBRASCALE a few weeks ago and it has been spinning heads all over the country as well as overseas. He has been in the scene for a long time and is sought after as an inspiration for a lot of upcoming artists. He also like DesiHipHop.com has his own “Voice of tha people” and it’s objectives are also similar to ours, to promote Underground HipHop music.

A student only becomes a teacher when the lessons are not just absorbed but understood as well. Here we have 5 things which Enkore has learned from Hip-hop !!!

1. Dreams Are For Everybody (Who’s Ready To Work Hard)

Since I began fuckin around with rap, first as a hobby and now where its the priority in my life, I realised that if you work hard and keep learning, dreams are not as unreachable as they seem before you begin trying to make them come true. As a kid, I would never have imagined I’d have a music video airing on the same TV channel as Eminem… Crazy, but its no rocket science. Hard work and a dedication to the craft.

hip hop taught 5 things enkore

2. Business Is Not A Dirty Word

I come from a thoroughly middle class background with both my parents working in different service sector companies, and I ended up building a very real distrust for businesspeople and situations that were overly reliant on money. But I’ve learnt that if you’re worth it – don’t waste that position. Don’t even be afraid to build yourself into being worth money, as a businessman/woman. But as an artist I’m fortunate that I haven’t (yet!) forgotten that money isn’t everything either.

3. Excel

Leave no stone unturned. But always remember, your definition of excellence can be radically different to any and everybody else’s.

4. But There’s No ‘Best’

Everything is subjective. Everything. As a rapper its often a sport too, and I may be subconsciously trying to prove to myself that I can outrap Kendrick Lamar or whoever I consider dope but I try not to lose sight of the fact that everything is an opinion and I shouldn’t stress if someone doesn’t call me the best as long as the journey, the music and the business side match my goals and make me happy.

5. Art is forever

Artists will die, social networks will die, digital followings will vanish, a whole era of fans will also die, technology will become obsolete – but art that touches people will live on. Our ego is temporary, our art is forever