5 things which Battle Rap taught me : Poetik Justis


poetik justis 5 things battle rap taught me

Poetik Justis is a Bombay Spearhead who has been in the scene for the longest time and been representing the changing face of hiphop there. He is easily one of the top battlers in the country if not the best.

He and his crew, “ELSEWHERE” have taken on the ordeal of promoting real lyricism through the means of battle rap via their Battle league called B3 which represents Bars, Battle and BOMBAY. Battle rap has been an integral part of hiphop since it’s inception and is now becoming prevalent in India due to this crews efforts.

Basics are the foundation of perfection and one only attains perfection by
it’s proper implementation. Here are 5 basics which Poetik Justis has learned from Battle Rap :

1 – Competition – Battle Rap has always valued competition at its highest level since inception. I have been a part of the battle rap scene since the Indian HipHop scene started off. It is the most vital thing to learn how competition evolves oneself as an artist and to understand what the word competition means in a broader sense.

2 – Strategy – As a co-founder of B3 I have learnt how to strategide every move not just as marketing the brand, but even while battling. It has been the key to B3’s success and will always drive B3 ahead and I speak for all members of B3 when I say that at the highest level, we keep our strategy strong and keep moving.

3 – Politics – Battle Bars Bombay – B3 India has shown me sides of people that I wouldn’t ever have known to exist. And that has helped me and the team learn the ways of the world more, and from a battle rappers POV I feel this is very important because it helps expand the mindstate into what moves to make (for a battle or otherwise)

4 – Skill – The most valuable asset I could ever receive from the art form was my skill set in terms of my lyricism. Battle rap helped me become a better emcee lyrically and I owe my skills to the art form of Battling.

5 – How to lose – I have learnt how to lose a battle. I think to control the ego and motivate oneself is one important trait to learn and only some take effort in Doing so rather than banking on excuses. Losing isn’t as bad as not learning. Knowing where one stands is key to knowing what to do to get above the cut, and that’s how winning is done. So winning and failure go hand in hand combined with learning from both scenarios.

Check out this sick battle between Poetik Justis and Kav-e at the main event of their latest event Home Invasion: