5 of Eminem’s wickedest tracks

It is often said that the President of USA is black where as the best rapper in the world is white. There is no doubt, at least in my mind that it has to be Eminem. He’s loved by fans all over and has an entire culture following him. Slim Shady is the forefather of notorious lyricism and phenomenal storytelling. He has mentored of some our favorite acts and still continues to do so.

Everyone can lip sync Eminem’s all time hits but I have compiled a list of some of the wickedest track which Eminem has ever made.

1. ‘Guilty Conscience’

Eminem teams with Dr. Dre for a brilliant and astonishing conceptual marvel. Eminem plays a negative role, including a construction worker who catches his wife cheating and is about to kill her but only to be obstructed at every turn by Dr. Dre, who plays each character’s conscience. By the end however Eminem’s arguments prove too potent in the final verse, when Dr. Dre’s character gives in to Eminem’s rationalization to off his cheating wife and her boyfriend. This track was a benchmark in conceptual hip-hop music

2. ’97 Bonnie & Clyde’

There was something creepingly addictive about this track. The track is depicted as very calm conversation between him and his daughter but it was perhaps one of the most A rated talks I ever heard on my headphones. He tells how he is transporting the body of his daughter’s mother to her grave at the bottom of a lake – all while his daughter joins him at every step of the journey. It is a unique track and captures a rather twisted romance between a blood thirsty father and an innocent daughter

3. ‘Kim’

This was a prequel to the above mentioned track. Eminem has always been vocal about his personal happenings and this was no different. He is driving Kim towards her untimely end but Eminem is stuck in an equilibrium between the rage of a scorned lover and a man reminiscing on the best moments from his relationship with the love of his life.
Eminem did not make stories for one track, he connected all of them to give his listeners a more movie like experience. That was perhaps just one of the reasons why ’97’ Bonnie & Clyde,’ ‘Kim’ and ‘Stan’ made such huge impacts.

4. ‘Cleanin Out My Closet’

The opening bars “Have you ever been hated or discriminated against” connect with almost everyone. After connecting with everyone he then directs their attention to his personal trials and tribulations. He remembers looking at his daughter and he draws parallels thinking how could his father could abandon him.

After accepting how he had slipped a couple of times in his life he starts to diss his mother again. He goes on to convey to his mother that she can never see Halie and how she will not be present for his moms funeral. This track was perhaps one the most moving tracks by Slim and gave us an insight of how tortured someone feels inside.

5. ‘Stan’

In 2000 Eminem released ‘The Marshall Mathers LP,’. Some call this the best body of work by Eminem and a huge chunk of credit might go to ‘Stan’. Eminem narrates a story of an over-enthusiastic fan, who writes fan mail incessantly and desperately wants them to be answered. His mail remains unanswered pushing the fan ‘Stan’ to act out in some of the most gruesome ways and kidnap his girlfriend before getting in a fatal car crash during his final rampage.

Eminem finally replies to the mail and tells Stan that he should calm down and sort his life out and to go easy on being such an intense fan. It is only during towards the end he realizes that the fan he is replying to is the same fan who crashed his car with his girlfriend in the trunk.