3AM’s ‘Bass Hits Hard’ Goes to Mainstream Radio

Haji Springer is an artist who was recently featured on the soundtrack for the Bollywood film Rascals. Now he’s back home in Cali and infiltrating the mainstream scene with his group 3Am’s track “Bass Hits Hard.”

Haji first introduced us to the song with a behind the scenes look at the video shoot on YouTube. The song’s actual debut was make on 99.7Now which is a station based in San Francisco, California. Haji sent the song to DJ Jazzy Jim over at the station and he liked the song so much he was happy to debut it. The song hit airwaves during Friday’s 5pm traffic mix and now the word is out!

The track features Haji, of course, Jin C, Sukhi, and Pree Mayall. As DJ’s begin to pick up the song just begins making an impression on the music, make sure you are paying attention. Desi Hip-Hop is a movement and Haji Springer is making big moves.