3 Things that make Lazarus the “Man on a Mission”!


Lazarus is a man on a mission. Anyone who is a Lazarus fan knows that, clearly, this man wants to win and he’s on a mission. Anyone who’s seen his video at Russell Simmons’ event knows about his passion, anyone who’s seen his video with D12 knows that he’s on a mission. But, now, his latest song clearly spells it out for the listeners. He’s on a mission, if anyone doubted that, they’ve been shut down completely!

Here are THREE key aspects of Lazarus that made his mission come to life!

3. He’s Focused on His Goals

He mentions his goals and aspirations in every song. That gives Lazarus the focus he needs to accomplish his daily tasks that bring the goal to life. Without laser focus, Lazarus would not be able to balance a professional life as a doctor, and a professional life as a Hip Hop artist. This requires immense focus!

2. He’s always open to Opportunities

Lazarus takes on an opportunity as soon as it knocks on his doors. When D12 knocked, he welcomed them with a song & a video. When Sway Calloway of MTV & Shade45 knocked, he spit a freestyle on his radio show that Sway won’t forget! This man takes his opportunities when they come, and that’s a key to making progress on your “mission” no matter what it is.

1. He’s “a little crazy, a little Ku-Ku”

That’s how the chorus of his latest songs starts. “I’m a little crazy, I’m a little Ku-Ku”. This is important to stay on “mission”. Why? Because when you’re following your heart and your dreams, everyone around you will judge you and call you “crazy”. Lazarus knows how that feels all too well, so much so that he accepts it and takes advantage of that label that everyone places on him. He knows what he believes in, and goes for it no matter what anyone else says!

Lay The Law Down is Worldwide!

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