13 Year Old Rapper ‘Lil Poopy’ Signs Deal with Sony Music

There’s always something endearing about seeing a teenager being involved in art heart and soul. Sometimes it’s beyond comprehension and understanding but isn’t that how mysterious art is?

Lil Poopy has all the makings of stardom; someone who will pour his heart out and get people to pay attention to what he is saying. At 13, the kid is no small thing; he has raised eyebrows and become a viral sensation with his songs such as Pop Hat which includes some adult lyrics that became a point of contention. So much so that Poopy’s dad was probed for child neglect.

lil poopy sony

Poopy’s father Luis Rivera has now been alleged to be one of the 50 members who are being suspected to be part of a ring that supplies and deals in cocaine. He was accused of being in a network of various members and associates of the 18th Street Gang, the East Side Money Gang and the Boylston Gang.

Ironic how Poopy’s lyrics have lines that say “Coke ain’t a bad word, it’s just soda”. Despite the troubles in his life, Poopy’s highlight right now is inking a four year deal with Sony Music.  

Hi manager Devon Sydney is his strongest support right now with getting the deal facilitated; Sydney serves as an executive for THECOOLTV and whole heartedly believes in Lil Poopy’s talent.
While the 13-year-old rapper’s father is dealing with legal troubles, what keeps him going is the music. Poopy’s videos may have adult content and his talent and skill may not be what you’d expect from a kid his age but Sydney believes he is ready for limelight and fame and everything that comes with stardom and success.