13 Lessons I learned in 2013

2013 was an exceptional year, full of twists & turns and a whole lot to learn from! At times, though, it’s difficult to see the lessons in all of the experiences we have. So, I decided to compile a list of 13 big lessons that I learned in 2013. It’s a list that I compiled from all of the unique experiences I’ve had all year round. If you get value from these lessons, be sure to share it!

1- Change is necessary for success.

I realized in 2013 that change is extremely necessary to achieve your goals & dreams. If you’re doing the same things year in & year out, you can’t expect different results!

2- Make solid decisions & go for it. 

No ‘maybes’, only ‘black or white’ decisions. Make real decisions and stick to it. For example, If you want to quit smoking, decide in your heart first that you’re done smoking, and then stick to your decision.


3- Creating a Habit is as difficult as breaking them!

We all know this one, but it’s really difficult to break an old habit. Therefore, invest in yourself by creating new habits that you don’t have to break in the future. Habits like reading everyday, or working out everyday, are examples of habits that you will not break in the future.

4- Happiness is a choice.

If you choose to be unhappy right now, but dream about a future where you ‘might’ be happy one day, that one day is never going to come. Choose to be happy now, and let the future figure itself out.


5- Know that everyone is NOT the same, and your friends and close people are not the same as you.

It’s easy to project your own feelings, experiences and understandings on other people. If someone is late, you make that quick assumption about the person. But, know that it’s not always the way you think it is. People have different, elaborate reasons that make them tick, or do the things that they do. You may never understand why someone does something, so don’t misjudge them using your own expectations.

6- People remember when you do the unexpected. 

When you do something expected, people see it as something you were meant to do. When you do something unexpected, it’s engraved in people’s minds for a long time. This can be both good & bad at the same time. For example, if you’re expected to be on time, but you’re late a couple of times, people will remember you as the person who comes in late no matter how many times you showed up on time. On the other hand, if a great teacher in school never expects more than an email, but if you show your gratitude with a gift at the end of the semester, the teacher will more likely remember you for a really long time.


7- Build Long term Relationships that lasts a life time.

Relationships are the key to success. Whether it’s relationships with others who share your hobbies or interests, or relationships with people from whom you could learn a thing or two. These strong relationships are what will help you out in the future.

8- Regular exercise is the best stress reliever.

No matter how many things you have going on in one day, regular exercise will help you deal with them easily. Endorphins that get released during your workout session will make you happier, more accomplished, and stress free. Exercise also increases metabolism converting fat into energy that you can use to get all the sh*t done you want throughout the day!


9- Be grateful for everything.

Be thankful for all that you have, every day. Be thankful for your health, wealth, wisdom, opportunities, and of course, all of the material stuff you have lying around your messy room. Be thankful to the people around you, and to strangers.

10- Give more than you can get. 

Forget about getting stuff. Stop worrying about what you can get out of a person or a business or a class. Think about what you can give to someone, or an organization, or a class. “Giving” opens doors that “getting” can’t ever get close to!


11- Empower the people around you.

Stop ruining your friends’ day with all your complaining and negative energy. Instead, energize them with positivity, and help them accomplish their goals and aspirations.

12- Learn something new every single day.

Life is about Learning. So, learn a new lesson every day. You’ve got enough apps on your phone to teach you a new language, use them before you get old and lame!

13- Be phenomenal or be forgotten. 

I stole this from Eric Thomas, but this one deserved to be on the list for all of the things I learned in 2013. If our very own expectations from ourselves are anything less than exceptional (or phenomenal), then the world won’t have a reason to expect anything more than average from us. We need to break that barrier and be above average at all that we do!




Have a blessed 2014! Kick some ass and enjoy being part of the DesiHipHop community!