10 Kid Rappers Who Challenge Star Rappers


Rapping has always influenced the younger generation. Most of the youngsters copy their lifestyle and wish to become like them. However, there are kids who have outdone their older counterparts and received millions of hits on YouTube. Here are 10 international kid rappers who challenge star rappers.

1. P-Nut: Lil P-Nut is an American dancer, singer, and rapper who is best known for his rap “You might be the one”. By the age of 7, he was featured on a local news program and popular YouTube videos.

2. CJ Dippa: CJ Dippa is a rapper boy who lives in Denton, Texas. He has a great love and passion for dancing and rapping. He wrote his first rap ‘The playground’ at the age of 8. He was a quarterfinalist in America’s got talent season 5, where his rapping was appreciated by the audience.

3. Bobby J: He is an American actor and rapper known for playing Tracy Jr. in 30 Rock. When he was 5 years old, he performed Bow wow (rapper’s) song called “Bow wow (That’s my name)” on a show hosted by Steve Harvey. This video was uploaded on YouTube and got more than 3 million views.

4. Lil Bow Wow: The lyrics of Lil Bow Wow are less filtered as compared to other young rappers but he was able to go double platinum in his early teens. He appeared in the “Gin and Juice” video as Snoop Dog’s little brother jumping on the couch in the intro.

5. MattyBRaps: He is an American child rap artist who is famous for posting remix videos on his YouTube channel. He has uploaded numerous music covers and original songs on his YouTube channel which has got more than 1 billion views. He has posted more than 90 additional covers and 20 original songs.

6. Lil Young Fresh: He is a talented rapper and his videos declared him the future of hip-hop which is a good thing and he is setting a good example for his peers. Hopefully, he won’t get disturbed or corrupted by the fame and fortune like other young rappers who came before him.

7. Cypress: The speed of Cypress rapping is a thing to watch. At such small age, he can rap continuously for 4 minutes which is not an easy thing for a child to do.

8. Lil Niqo: Lil Niqo is known as the big budget kid rapper. He is the youngest hip-hop artist to be signed to WorldWide/BuVision/Def Jam. His videos have pretty girls, fancy cars, and big chains. No doubt he is living the dream of every little rap kid in America.

9. Priscilla “P-Star” Diaz: She is the kid rapper with her own album, own documentary P-Star rising,  own workout videos and a big acting role in PBS’s The Electric company. She has the complete support of her father from the age of seven.

10. Lil Yani– Lil Yani is the only kid rapper who is not afraid of getting political in his verses. Lil Yani praises president Obama in his rap. One should encourage by this youngster’s appreciation for democracy and politics.