‎Nominees for Bite My Music Global Awards 2011

Check out the full list of nominess for the 2011 Bite My Music Global Awards!


Best Pop Songs
Tu Hai Kahaan – Hassan Khan (Pakistan)
Colors Fly – Allegro Fudge (India)
Jahaan – Natasha Ejaz (Pakistan)
Live Again – Agam ft. Shreya Goshal (India)
Down with Love – Worren Webbe ft. Karma (India)
Going Down – Ashanthi (Sri Lanka)
Bad Conversation – Rintu Alex (India)
Kal Nahin Aaata- Pragnya Walkhu (India)
Josh – Colin Terrence (India)
Uljha Sa Rehta Hoon – Shadow (India)

Best Pop Act
Hassan Khan (Pakistan)
Natasha Ejaz (Pakistan)
Worren Webbe
Colin Terence
Ashanthi (Sri Lanka)

Best Hip-Hop Song
Illien – Raplust ft. Cryptic Wisdom
God is love – Mumbai’s Finest
Long Gone – Emcee Feral
Aathma Raama – Brodha V
Hip-Hop (never be the same)- Bombay Bassment
Face to Face – Rahul Atri

Best Hip-Hop Solo
Emcee Feral
Shiraz (Sri lanka)
Brodha V
Nbs Sabby
The HK
Fast Boy
Ashanthi (Sri Lanka)


Best Hip-Hop Group
Mumbai’s Finest
Bombay Bassment
RapHood Goonstaz (Bangladesh)

Best Rock Song
Aelaan – Ashmawedh
Fade Away -Breathspace (Sri Lanka)
Mirage – Barefaced Liar
November Forever – All the Fat Children
Inquilaab – Qayaas
Main Jaoonga- Sifar
All about a heartbreak – Them Clones
Tribe – Lucid Recess
Two Tooth the Rat Race – Sanjeev Thomas
Sharezade – Qayaas

Best Rock Vocalist
V- Breathspace (Sri Lanka)
Akshay Chowdhry- Barefaced Liar
Umair Jaswal – Qayaas (Pakistan)
Jagan George – Evergreen
Puneet Vohra – Hundred Octane
Amit Yadav – Sifar
Sanjeev Thomas
Prithwish Dev- Them Clones
Munz – The Down Troddence
Yudi – Ashwamedh

Best Rock Group
All the Fat Children
Qayaas (Pakistan)
Blunderware (Bangladesh)
Them Clones
The Wagon Park (Sri Lanka)
The Down Troddence

Genre Bending
Hip-Hop Never be the Same – Bombay Bassment
Gunah – Sifar
Regardless – The Ticker Tapes
Puppet Show – Jatin Puri
Papare – Ashanthi (Sri Lanka)
In the Rain – Pragnya Wakhlu
All About a Heartbreak (Remix)- Them Clones
Two Tooth the Rat Race – Sanjeev Thomas
Josh – Colin Terence
Bambarapadam – Shiraz (Sri Lanka)

Best Electronica Act
Tempo Tantrick
The Ticker Tapes
Hashback Hashish
Dualist Inquiry

Best Electronica Dance Song
Gun to Your Head – Tempo Tantrick
Memories – Santosh Suresh
The Creation – Showbuster (Pakistan)
Cmon chick – Sez
DJ Play my Song –Efinxace
Infinity – Hashback hashish
Dance Free-Sanjeev Thomas (remix)
Chase The Sun – Shadow
Venus – Shadow
Qualia – Dualist Inquiry

Best Female Vocalist
Shreyas Goshal
Ashanthi (Sri Lanka)
Pragnya Wakhlu

Best Collaboration
Live Again- Agam the Band ft. Shreya Ghoshal
The One – DJ Raf ft. Aina Cook (Bangladesh)
Ashanthi ft. Krishan – Papare (Sri Lanka)
Ente Sambath – Sanjeev Thomas ft. Keith Peters and Baiju Dharmajan
Shadow – Jealous Girl ft. Effluence
Down with love – Worren Webbe ft. Karma

Best Instrumental
Ajit Narayanan – Pink
The Down Troddence – Ortniavis
Agam – Brahma’s Dance