Zindagi Is Here, You Got To Check This Out


Here we have another cypher ‘Zindagi‘ and boy oh boy they bring the fire. It is great to see these dudes still keeping the art of posse cut’s alive. The beat is heavy and the rappers went through it like a tracer bullet. The cypher is Punjabi and Hindi, the two most spoken languages in the north of India. The track is produced by Maan-Ey and it sounds epic.


Maan-Ey opens up the cypher with Punjabi punches and goes in ham with one bar after the other. He then tags Prince in and he picks up where Maan-Ey left off, he has got such a smooth flow that syllables are slipping on the instrumental. After Prince, we have the Street Rapper (yup that’s the name) and his bars depict why he has that name, he mentions that he has spent enough time in gully’s and he got his hustle from there. The baton is passed next to Nawaab, who gets the whole crew amped up and the entire crew lip syncs his verse. The crew is flipping out and jumping during his verse. Kunal is the final rapper and opens up with a ‘Namaste‘ and slays the instrumental.

It is good to see these cyphers coming into play. There is always a debate if it is easier to make an impact as a collective or a solo act but cyphers hold an integral part of the culture and allow rappers to showcase what they have to offer.

Check this dope drop right here :