Young Bone’s ‘Ungli’ Is Worth The Respect. Find Out Why!


Young Bone

Osama Ali aka Young Bone is a Karachi, Pakistan based music producer, lyricist, recording artist and a video maker. Osama is a kind of guy who wants to try his hands in every field. His dream is to become a film-maker. Whenever Young Bone drops something, it comes with a bang. This time, it is ‘Ungli‘. Social media links were filled with posts that were praising ‘Ungli’ by Young Bone before it came out. Osama has always tried to provide quality by using less money and more efforts.

Young Bone produced the beat himself and did left an mark. He needed a perfect blend of old-school and new-school music and managed to produce one. ‘Ungli’ was made a month ago and his peers demanded a video. They shot the video for ‘Ungli’ in one day with Arshan Naveid & Syed Azhar Ahmed from Junior Jabbz. Junior Jabbz are one of the top-notch B-Boying crews from Karachi, Pakistan. On the other hand, every guy in the video is Osama’s close friend. This friendship helped Young Bone a lot while shooting this insane video for ‘Ungli’.

In addition to it, Raftaar is probably the only rapper who has been pushing the desi underground music scene. Raftaar has supported Puneet KohliMarshall The IIIRaga and others from India. Rap Demon from Pakistan also earned Raftaar’s attention lately. Raftaar recently shared ‘Ungli’ on Facebook and indirectly demanded an album from Young Bone.

Watch ‘Ungli’ by Young Bone here: