Young Bone’s ‘Bhook’ Ft. DJ Abdur, Hashim Ishaq and Marshall (Video)


Osama Ali aka Young Bone is a Karachi, Pakistan based artist who is a producer, lyricist, recording artist and also a video maker. He is a kind of guy who wants to try his hands in every field but dreams to become a film-maker.

Bone came into the limelight recently with one of his sickest drop ever. Yes, I’m talking about ‘Bhook‘.

Bhook by Young Bone
Bhook‘ came out on November 13, 2016, on Young Bone’s YouTube channel. This track features Hashim Ishaq who is more popular by his artist moniker Big H and is also a Karachi based artist like Young Bone. Other artists who are featured on this single are Marshall The III and DJ Abdur.

‘Bhook’ is a track that was inspired by what they felt and their hunger for becoming a successful artist. Everyone spat their verses on their struggle and how they defeated their inner demons. Young Bone went first being the main artist on the track and his opening verse is filled with Urdu and Hindi rhymes. Big H went second and tried to uplift the people who are worried about their failures. Marshall got the last slot but his verse is definitely the best on the track. The way he wrote and spat this verse is not a style that you’re familiar with. His verse is basically based on the people who’re trying to get a benefit off his name. The hook section comes with turntable effects to give the track an old-school feel.

The work on the music was done by Young Bone and DJ Abdur. Marshall did the work on this beautiful video under his name Mixed Marshall Arts. The animation is what Marshall is associated with and he is the master of this art.

Overall, ‘Bhook‘ is something totally different. The video and the track itself are for the pure Hip-Hop fans and no one has decreased the vibe of this single. I highly recommend that you should this track out.

Listen to ‘Bhook’ by Young Bone Ft. DJ Abdur, Hashim Ishaq & Marshall here :