Was Yo Yo Honey Singh The Indian Pitbull?

To begin with, the title is “WAS Yo Yo Honey Singh the Indian Pitbull?” instead of “IS Yo Yo Honey Singh the Indian Pitbull“, reason being is that I have not heard a Yo Yo track in the longest time despite hearing to several rumours that he is making a comeback.

honey singh 1

Well, we will start this discussion with their looks and then gradually move on towards their music. One thing that both of them have perfected is their looks in their music videos videos. Although Yo Yo can be spotted rocking Hip-Hop clothing in a video or two. his signature look always has him wearing suits and sunglasses, even when indoors just like Pitbull in most of his videos. Another common aspect is their videos in that both of them have smoking hot women sticking to them like bees to honey.

Now coming on to their music; they both have a common approach. Most of their content revolves around women and alcohol or them just blatantly bragging about themselves. Sometimes their topics are supremely abstract and surprisingly these are the tracks that go on to become club anthems, for example, Pitbulls’ song ‘Hotel Room Service‘ and Honey Singh’s ‘Chaar Bottle Vodka‘ and both of them went on to become club anthems. To put in a nutshell their common attributes include techno beats, sub-standard and repetitive lyrics, topics which mostly involve alcohol or women or both of them. One of the reasons why their tracks bang in clubs is probably due to the progressive and loud EDM production, they have mastered this aspect really well.

Honey singh 2

Well, hate it or love it, you cannot deny that both of them have a massive following and are responsible for selling out shows. It would be interesting to see a collaboration between both of them. Do you think Yo Yo Honey Singh and Pitbull are similar?

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