Yelawolf has an onstage meltdown !

Trial by Fire tour.
Off lately meltdown’s have been common in the industry with recent incidents of Kanye and Kid Cudi, and they are now further supported by Yelawolf’s on stage meltdown.


He was playing a gig on November 21, which was a part of the Trial by Fire tour. A video has surfaced which shows the rapper telling his fans that he just got off the phone with Travis Barker and very abruptly stopped and said “ I can’t do this no more” after this he the drops the mic. The audience got excited when he picked the mic back up but only to scream at his fans “Aye! What? F*ck what? Keep going because I’m a slave? You think I gotta keep going for because you paid me, motherf*cker? I’ll fight you!”. Yelawolf was probably wasted as he is known to be an alcohol enthusiast, he took off his shirt and went looking around for the guy who provoked him.


This incident has been followed by rumours that Yelawolf might have quit rap altogether or at least some of his inner circle people think so. He very dramatically changed his Instagram from his show name to his government name, Michael Wayne Atha.


The remainder of the tour has also been cancelled. Yelawolf has made no further comment thus far.