Yelawolf confesses his love for…. LIQUOR

The pioneer of country rap Yelawolf releases ‘Daylight‘ from his upcoming album, ‘Trial by fire‘ and it sounds epic. Yela had been dropping hints on social media for quite some time about his upcoming release and now that it is here I have hit the replay button more than 50 times already.



If you the video on mute one might assume this to be a light hearted track about chilling in the countryside. If you lend your ears for the first 40 seconds you will realize that Yela is actually confessing about his alcohol addiction and is introspecting about some of his life decisions. If you are Slumerican then you will be aware of the hardships and troubled times that Yela had to go through.

Lyrics which catch my meaning are :

Got me a bottle, lookin’ out at my El Dorado
Smokin’ a barro, whip up an egg and avocado
I’m on the porch like a slummy Ralph Lauren model
Flannel shirt like a lumberjack choppin’ a log-o
Pistol next to the ashtray, no bow and arrow
Got blah blah though, knock the beef outcha top nacho

Throughout the track there are small bits and pieces of him chopping it up and it seems he is also getting back to his initial groove. The track is produced by him and it gave him the dexterity to put everything he has out there. He is seen in the video just lounging around clapping to the guitar.

His last album, ‘Love Story‘ featured massive hits like “Box Chevy V“, “Till It’s Gone“, “Whiskey in a Bottle“, “American You” and “Best Friend” featuring Eminem. it is being said that he has taken majority of the production of his new album into his own hand and will be collaborating with just a few new producers.

We can’t wait for his new album, ‘Trial by Fire’ till then check this out.