Yawar & Harjas | ‘Sautan’ (Video)


Yawar Mohammad, more commonly known as Yawar, is a music producer, songwriter &  rapper from Delhi, India. His association with other underground artists is not new. Yawar has worked with Hina Fatima & Amritesh Pant on the remix of ‘Bhor‘ which crossed over 1,00,000 views on Youtube.

The way he produced the instrumental for the remix was totally fascinating & helped him in earning his name in the underground. There are other tracks that he did but I’ll talk about them later in this article.

First, let me introduce you to his fellow artist Harjas Saluja who is no different when it comes to music. He’s a songwriter and a rapper with a little bit of wittiness in his nature. His verses are popular for punches that are jocular & relevant. They both have collaborated on tracks like ‘Jamnapaar‘ & ‘Parental Advisory‘ which featured Ravi ‘Raga’ Mishra alongside them. These tracks helped them in concreting their reputation in the underground & there’s no second thought on that. Now, they’ve come together again for ‘Sautan‘.

Yawar & Harjas were prophesying the release of ‘Sautan’ from a very long time now. The hype for this particular track was almost touching the sky. Their posts were being spammed by the comments posted by their fans and the only question they were asking was ”When is it going to come out?”

‘Sautan’ finally came out on November 10, 2016 and went viral on the instant. This is a R&B/Rap track with a commercial flavour in it. Yawar introduced himself as a R&B singer with this track & to be honest, his fans were not expecting this to happen as he had never released any tracks as a vocalist before.

So, the obvious expectation from this track was of it being a Hip-Hop number. This new avatar of Yawar is being appreciated and the overall vibes of the track are very much positive. Harjas’ verse is mixed in a way that it’s sounding like it’s mainstream when it’s not. That’s a nice move I must say.

Yawar produced the track himself & both of these artists contributed in it’s writing. It was shot by Ashar & the work related with D.O.P. was handled by Nitin Goel. The video they’ve released for ‘Sautan’ is a story based concept which is progressive in nature & has crossed over 55,000 in a day of it’s release. I decided to have a chat with them & asked them a couple of questions regarding this release. Here’s how my chat went with them.

San Cha : ‘Sautan’ has crossed over 55,000 views in a day of it’s release. How’s the feeling and did you expect this to happen?

Harjas : It feels good. I’m already enjoying it’s success. It feels like we’ve finally left a mark in the the underground by dropping this track.

Yawar : The response I’m getting was not expected. It’s feels amazing jeet wali feeling hai.

San Cha to Yawar : Your fans were expecting a Hip-Hop track that you both are known for. What made you shift towards singing and how did the idea of this track crossed by your mind?

Yawar : I’ve been a guy who is not a bound to a particular genre. It is the demand of the market these days. So, here’s what we delivered.

Checkout ‘Sautan’ by Yawar & Harjas here: