Yadaan – Shujat Ali Khan Ft. Kam Shah

Here we have Yadaan by Shujat Ali Khan. The track has a different vibe from other Punjabi tracks but then the content is the same old.

Kam Shah‘s contribution to the track ties everything together nicely, I have not heard a lot of his work but will be checking it out soon for sure. The composition and structuring of the track is on point but could have done with a little more ooommmfff for a party track. Shujat Ali Khan has good vocals in his ancestry and even if it is genetics responsible for such a powerful voice he does use it brilliantly. The production is done by LouieV510 and it is tight, Louie did an amazing job with his production skills and there is a need for fresher sounds and melodies in the industry and this is in the right direction.

The video for the track is made very elegantly and portrays the meaning very clearly. If the Punjabi music industry puts in even half of the efforts they put in their videos into their music it would become so meaningful.