Xpolymer Dar’s Storytelling In ’16’ Is Bold And Brave


Xpolymer Dar needs no recognition in this rap game. He has been here from almost a decade & has contributed in shaping the underground Hip-Hop scenes in several Desi regions. A guy who started ‘They-See Battle League‘ & Rap Engineers is known for a genre that he likes to call ‘Sufi Rap‘. It’s a fusion of Hip-Hop & core Urdu/Punjabi rhymes that flows on a story driven concept.

He always like to sum up the events that happens to him throughout a particular year by speaking his heart out on a track. This time he has named the track ‘16‘ and is one of the best story telling tracks this year.

“Tu menu maaf kareen, dil saaf kareen/Milne de baad beshak menu barbaad kareen”

Xpolymer Dar
Dar released ’16’ on December 30, 2016 and sent me this track a few minutes later. I was expecting something insane cos’ it was Dar who decided to drop a track. So, I decided to give it a listen and it instantly got my attention as I personally prefer storytelling side of Hip-Hop over bars and punchlines. This track is basically about events that happened to him at different times in 2016.

In my conversation with Dar, he broke down the concept behind the creation of this track. He told me that the first story is of him having a conversation with his father in lines like “Taangay te betha meray naal mera ikko yaar, Akhaan ich noor kahni dassan udday chittay waal/Sab di khabbar, paisha udda sabbar, Moong phallee khilaye menu apnay borhay hathaan naal”.

16 by Dar

Second event that decided to talk about a tragedy that came towards his family. Lines like “Veer jee Rabb ne bharri uddi godd/Masoom parri le gaya apnay kol” explains his conversation with one of his sister talking informing him about the demise of his other sister’s new born. Third part is not an event. It’s a confession of Dar’s affection towards the love of his life.

Dar has proved that his storytelling game is strong. I loved how he framed everything on point without distracting his listeners to other less important events. This release by Dar is a must check & we pray that everything that happens with us turns out to be good this year. Learn from everything that breaks you.

Listen ’16’ by Xpolymer Dar here :