WWE Champ, Jinder Mahal’s Entrance Song Features Ali Kaz!


Desi hip-hop is on the rise. When it comes to hip-hop from Pakistan, Ali Kaz is one of the names that pops into people’s mind. Ali Kaz is the first Pakistani-Canadian hip-hop artist who has made a name in WWE music playlist representing India and Pakistan together. His goal is to unite Punjabis residing in India and Pakistan to spread peace and love while eliminating all the hatred.

WWE Champ Jinder Mahal

It was not long ago when Jim Johnston, a well-known WWE producer, reached out to Ali Kaz. The goal was to create an ultimate theme song for Jinder Mahal, a Punjabi-Canadian wrestler. A little to none knowledge we had that Jinder Mahal will soon become the world champion. He made it big and that, for sure, is a proud moment for the Punjabi and Desi community. Not only people from India celebrate the victory of “Maharaja”, but people from Pakistan appreciated the victory and honour as well.

“I remember watching wrestling as a kid and it really honours me to be a part of that in a way directly or indirectly. Now my voice is being heard every time Jinder Mahal enters the ring. My fans tell me that I inspire and motivate them. I want to inspire more and more people and I promise it won’t be long. I ask people that follow me or enjoy listening to my tracks to support our mission to eliminate hatred, corruption and spread love” says Ali Kaz in a short interview.

The track has some extraordinary references about strong pillars of Punjabi history and culture and bolted in to the song, ‘ Sher’, for the “Maharaja”. Ali Kaz writes his own lyrics and a fan asked about the reference of lord Hanuman in the Sher Jinder Mahal WWE song. Ali Kaz replied that lord Hanuman is a symbol of bravery for millions of people and same people watch WWE and would love to have me cherish that fact when Jinder Mahal enters the ring.

Stream Jinder Mahal’s WWE entrance theme, ‘Sher’ by Ali Kaz here:


Jinder Mahal recently vanquished Randal ‘Randy’ Orton at pay-per-view event, Backlash, on May 21, 2017. Randy, on the other hand, has been WWE World Champion 13 times in his career as a wrestler. However, The Great Khali tried his luck but only managed to win the World Heavyweight Championship title.

In the celebration ceremony of his victory, Jinder seemed unhappy with the USA. After a proper performance of Bhangra dancers, Jinder entered and approached the ring. “This is not about you, this is about me as I celebrate my accomplishment. This is about my people. I celebrate for India.” he said in his speech.

Watch Jinder Mahal’s victory celebration here: