WTF #3 – Were Tupac’s Ashes Smoked ?

One of the best rappers ever passed away on 13th September 1996. The passing away of this legend left a huge impact on the whole Hip-Hop culture. Tupac is one of the pioneers of West-Coast and was and still is one of the most influential artists. His story inspired a movie that is due to come out this year. With the release of the movie, a lot of rumours are circulating and one of the rumours being a very shocking one. This was a past statement made by the group Tupac belonged to ‘OutLawz’.

In an interview, the group admitted to roll Tupac’s ashes with marijuana at his memorial and “smoked him out” as a final farewell. The group is said to have smoked  Tupac’s ashes because

“Pac came up with that s**t,” he says. “If you listen to ‘Black Jesus’, he says ‘Last wishes, n***as smoke my ashes…’ So that was a request he had. Now how serious was he about it? [shrugs] We took that s**t serious.”

The whole news was bizarre. See what Young Noble member of the same group had to say:

“We hit the beach and had a little memorial for him with his Moms and family and s**t. We was just givin’ him our own farewell … We twisted up some of that great-granddaddy California kush and mixed the big homie with it, ya know what I mean?”

This statement is yet to be proven as a representative from Tupac’s family had this to say, “[Afeni Shakur] would never participate in smoking her son,” the family spokesperson said. “[The Outlawz] would have had to sneak the remains past the family member in charge of keeping an eye on the ashes at the memorial.”

I’m going to call this statement true. I think OutLawz really did smoke Tupac ashes based on the representative not denying the Outlawz did smoke the ashes.