WTF #2 – How Many Celebrities Has Eminem Dissed ?

The Rap God has a career spanning over three decades and throughout his highly celebrated career, Eminem has taken multiple jabs at celebrities. Having a knack for insulting, Eminem dissed to go all out against Donald Trump in his recent drop ‘Campaign Speech’.┬áBut how many exact celebrities has he dissed?

The answer to that question is a shitload of celebrities have fallen victim to the vicious rhymes of Slim Shady. The exact number is around 60 (from my knowledge 54).

To find the victims look below:

Aguilera, Christina
Anderson, Pamela
Anthony, Casey
Bush, (Former President) George W.
Bobbit, Lorena*
Cannon, Nick
Carey, Mariah
Carradine, David
Cheney, (Former Vice President) Dick
Clinton, (Former President) Bill*
Combs, Sean “Diddy”
Cyrus, Miley
DeGeneres, Ellen
de Rossi, Portia
Dr. Dre
Dupri, Jermaine
Federline, Kevin*
Fox, Michael J.
Hill, Lauryn*
Insane Clown Posse*
Ja Rule
Jackson, Michael
Jones, Norah
Kardashian, Khloe*
Kardashian, Kim
Kirkpatrick, Chris
Lady Gaga
Limp Bizkit
Lohan, Lindsay
Mayer, John
Ocean, Frank*
Odom, Lamar*
Olsen, Ashley
Olsen, Mary-Kate
Palin, Sarah
Pet Shop Boys
Presley, Elvis
Reeve, Christopher
Roethlisberger, Ben
Ronson, Samantha
Roth, Asher*
Scott, Raymond (a.k.a. Benzino)
Simpson, Jessica
Smith, Will
Spears, Britney*
Spelling, Tori*
Triumph, The Insult Comic Dog
Vanilla Ice
Versace, Gianni
Williams, Germaine (a.k.a. Canibus)
Trump, Donald

This list is star-studded to the max and includes even the Presidents and the great King Of Pop Micheal Jackson.

And the list goes on…