How To Write Better Music ?

All aspiring artists and even established artists including our favorite rappers have very often faced what we call the writers’ block. We all have that unfinished verse? The chorus that doesn’t go anywhere? That one hook which can turn your composition from average to an anthem. It sounds corny, but believe me, it is all in your head.

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One of the first steps is to be aware of the technical terminology. When I say this, I am just telling you to be aware and not do a masters thesis on it. Use the internet to find what bridge, chorus, hook, middle eight, verse and other affiliated terms actually mean. Grasping such technicalities will help you analyze exactly how to approach a song.

The other thing would probably be to always keep writing! May it be wack or dope or incredibly dumb, just stick to the practice of writing and whenever you get anything in your head write it in your notebook, on a piece of paper, on a napkin, or even text it to yourself. Writing every day will give you a more natural flow because of the practice and it also keeps your mind sharp and hey! don’t lose those pages, you might have written something brilliant in the process which may be used later.

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A lot of people think that it’s only writing which is important but believe me, reading is as important as that. Reading is one of the primary sources to find inspiration for writing. Go through books, magazines, newspapers, and internet articles, there are endless possibilities. More the information your brain will absorb, more will be the content it will be able to generate. The better the reader, the better writer.

Choosing a proper topic is also important. You will give your best output if the topic means a great deal to you. If you decide to write about an actual event that may have happened to you, your emotions let the words come out naturally of the little trap in your brain. If anything else, find something which motivates you or inspires you.

Once the writing starts, organising what you have written down is very important. Collect all of the dope bars or sentences that you liked. The one that stands out the most to you should be the centre of your attention. Once you find your rhythm, you will build your self-generated momentum.

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Last but not least be exactly aware of what your emotion is. Sometimes you are perplexed yourself as you do not know exactly what emotions are you feeling. A few folks always have mixed feeling or emotions about something and do not know where to even start. In order to straighten it out, do not jump to writing but form an opinion first and then get to your drawing board.

I hope the above-mentioned pointers will help out every aspiring lyricist. Remember to take my name in your award speech.