“There Would Be No Sady Without Sikander Kahlon” – Sady Immortal | Exclusive Interview

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Desi Hip-Hop has seen immense growth from the day the sound started to form in the mid to late 2000’s. Many artists have come since then and have either became what they are today or have totally vanished out of the scene. Those who’ve been following the desi hip hop underground scene for at least the last 5 years, should be familiar with the ‘Kala Kurta Gang’

Kala Kurta Gang

But, If you’re new to the scene and don’t anything about them, don’t worry, your man San Cha is gonna give you the full low down.

‘Kala Kurta Gang’ more popularly known as KKG are a hip-hop crew from Mohali, Punjab, which was started by the cities very own punchline king Sikander Kahlon. The crew has neem a few members come and go with the span of time, but those who’re still running the crew from day one are Sikander Kahlon, Kamesh Chawla aka Rob C & Sady Immortal. They’ve released numerous singles and collaborations and have a reputation of being one of the most renowned crews in the whole desi hip hop underground scene.
(Left to right : Sady, Rob C, Sikander Kahlon)

Sikander Kahlon is signed to Manj Musik and is the most established of them all. But, someone who keeps a low social profile is definitely Sady Immortal.

His style of spitting is considered as one the illest in the game. Many artists including myself try to replicate his style of dubbing the backing vocals on a beat. ‘The Boss’ is what people call him & no one tries to mess with him in any way whatsoever.

When I first started off rapping (not seriously) it was back in 2006, that’s when I first heard Eminem, but it wasn’t Shady but actually Sikander Kahlon and particularly Sady’s verse on Veer Karan’s ‘Gandhi Ji’ that changed my overall approach to rapping. Sady’s style of writing punchlines is impeccable.

Sady’s fans have been messaging me to seek some answers regarding their idol. I managed to talk to him and asked some of the questions that we all wanted to hear the answers to.

So, here is one of the most awaited interview from the desi hip hop underground scene and is definitely in my opinion, one of the best interviews that I’ve ever conducted.

Sady Immortal

San Cha -Tell us about your history & about the moment that made you realize that rap is what you’re made for?

Sady Immortal –  Well, I was never into rap music before, I just liked the beats but never understood the lyrics at the time. I grew my interest in rap when Kahlon dropped his first mixtape i.e. Sikander The Sovereign. I was so inspired from it that I started writing my own lyrics but only 2-4 lines hardly *LOL*.

I kept on writing anything that rhymed, I understood what bars and wordplay etc… are and then my skills started to improve with time when Kahlon called me up for The Punjabi Trap.

We made that mixtape and the amount of appreciation that I received from genuine audience was remarkable. So, that was the moment that made me realize that people are liking what I’m doing on a track & maybe there’s something for me in the future if I continue my journey in this rap game.

San Cha –  We haven’t seen you dropping some solo work for a very long time wow. When is your solo mixtape coming out?

Sady Immortal – Well, I wasn’t giving time to my solo projects fully. But now, I’m working on my mixtape and it’s almost done. I named it ‘Mohali Times’ & it will definitely come out next year.

San Cha – What are KKG’s plans for the future with Manj Musik & Raftaar?

Sady Immortal – I can’t disclose any plans but whatever we will up come up with will be fire. We’re waiting for the right time to drop and blow the bombs that we’ve been working on. They’ve been like our family. They’ve supported hip-hop for a very long time now, so whatever we’ve planned is going to be crazy.

San Cha – You & Sikander Kahlon have dropped quite a few remixes. What is that big thing that you’re hiding in your vault?

Sady Immortal – Yeah! It’s like whenever we feel the vibes of a song that’s hot at that moment and makes us realize that our verses should be on that beat, we just hit the studio and remix that song. Apart from these remixes, I have made a bunch of solo tracks that I think are fire and my listeners will love them. They’ll be not be hidden for a long time in my vault. So, you’re gonna witness them soon.

San Cha – You and Sikander Kahlon seem to have a very close bond. Can you tell us a little about your friendship?

Sady Immortal – Kahlon & I have been together since grade 1. We’ve been brothers, like real brothers, blood brothers you can say. We’ve spent our whole childhood together & he has been very supportive of me. He’s the guy who introduced me to rap music & whenever I felt like rapping for fun on the mic (when I didn’t know how to rap), he always motivated me by saying “Sady, You can do it too. Keep working”.

He taught me about how to write on a beat and how to ride the beat. I’ve learned so much from him. We were always together in the times of our ups and downs and we’re going to do it in the future too. I owe him a lot, as there would’ve been no Sady Immortal if there was no Sikander Khalon. It’s more than just friendship.

Sady Immortal

San Cha – What do you think about the overall desi hip hop scene? Is there anything that’s holding it down?

Sady Immortal – I feel like the scene is changing immensely now. The scene is growing very fast as they seem to understand what hip-hop is. Various artists are coming up with their own styles and skills. So, it feels amazing to see that the scene is growing and is getting it’s identity with the general audience.

I don’t think that there is anything that’s holding it down. It’s only getting stronger day by day and commercial artists like Raftaar, Badshah, Manj Music are supporting the underground scene by giving some underground artists a push as they also came from the same scene.

They understand the sound and it’s very beneficial for us and inspires other guys too to make good music and that’s what we want here – Good Music.

San Cha – Is there any rap artist that you like from the desi underground scene?

Sady Immortal – Yeah! I’m digging some artists who’re new in the scene. They are dope but just to name a few I like apart from my crew mates Kahlon & Rob C are Divine, Naezy, Raga, Uday Bakshi and there are many more.

San Cha – Your style of spitting is tilted towards an aggressive side with a complex rhyme pattern. Who inspired this style of yours?

Sady Immortal – It all depends on the beat for me. What style should I go with depends on it. Not on all songs that I’ve spit in are in an aggressive style. I’m inspired by a lot of artists like Meek Mill, Lloyd Banks, Future & many more.

San Cha – What is your writing process?

Sady Immortal – When I’m in the mood & if the beat is talking to me, I might write a song in an hour or so. I just play the beat and hear what kind of verse would suit. So, I write accordingly. If it’s trap, I’ll go in a trap mood but if the beat is laid back, I just go laid back on it. I divide a 16 bars verse into 4 sections of 4-4 bars each then i think of a basic rhyme for the first bar and then I think of a punch or a hard bar or multi syllable rhymes etc. I like to write while walking side by side in the room playing the beat and doing my hand gestures you know *LOL*. I can’t often write while I’m sitting.

San Cha – Who do you feel the most comfortable with? (Members Of KKG)

Sady Immortal – We’re like a family. So, the comfort level is same with everyone.

San Cha – Any message for your fans?

Sady Immortal – I just wanna say the love you all show me turns into motivation for me everyday to make more dope music.  I thank you all for liking my music and I assure you all that I’ll not disappoint you in the future.

Just keep supporting what’s real in hip-hop and if you all feel like rapping too, just open up your notepad on the phone, play a beat and start writing whatever your mind and heart tells you too.

Love you all. Peace.

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