This Women’s Day Tribute By Dee MC Is Something You Shouldn’t Miss!


Mumbai rapper Dee MC just dropped a track in collaboration with Sparsh and Apeksha Dandekar. Behti Jaana is a tribute to all the beautiful women, lighting up the world with their positivism. Dee MC has laid a kick ass verse on the groovy tune composed by Sparsh.

After a long break, we have heard something from one of the finest female rappers this country has. And no better day than International Women’s Day itself to hear from her. Dee talks about the strength and liberty of women in her verse. Which is packed with multi-syllable rhyme schemes!

dee mc apeksha dandekar soham pathak sparsh the band

Music video of ‘Behti Jaana’ shows women and girls from different walks of life. Just being lively to the fullest! From girls practising sports and dance, to women busy with their day to day work, the video shows a lot of beautiful faces. The warm smile given by each of these pretty ladies is bound to melt your heart!

Behti Jaana‘ has been released under the banner of Times Music which is a big deal in itself. Not only that, Bollywood actor Farhan Akhar is also involved with this number. His organisation MARD (Men Against Rape & Discrimination) is associated with the release of this single. Farhan Akhtar took to his Twitter and Facebook handle to spread the word about the release of ‘Behti Jaana‘.

Watch the music video for ‘Behti Jaana‘ here and share your views with us. Did you like Dee MC‘s verse on the track?

PS- Happy Women’s Day to one and all!