Wiz Khalifa Crticised For Visiting Pablo Escobar’s Tomb


Pablo Escobar Image

Wiz Khalifa is no doubt a great hip-hop artist but he has always remained in the limelight for some wrong reasons but this time he has kicked up a big controversy by visiting Pablo Escobar’s grave during his trip to Colombia. The Pittsburg-based hip hop artist was on a trip to Medellin to give a performance at a festival. He posted some picture on his Instagram account apparently paying tribute to the deceased Colombian drug lord Pablo Escobar. The rapper posted a picture of colourful flowers kept on Pablo Escobar’s grave as a tribute which didn’t go well with the fans and people of Colombia.

This didn’t stop here, he continued to post several photos of him smoking marijuana near the drug Lords grave, as well as a picture of him posing outside of a property which was the site of a bombing in an attempt to kill Pablo Escobar. The property was owned by the drug lord himself for his recreational and evil activities.

Checkout rapper’s Instagram post showing him smoking next to Pablo Escobar’s grave:

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This irresponsible behaviour from the rapper raised criticism from all across the world and Medellin’s mayor, Frederico Gutierrez, called this act disrespectful to his country and the people of the nation.

According to the interview given to the local media the mayor quotes “That scoundrel, instead of bringing flowers to Pablo Escobar, he should have brought flowers to the victims of his violence in the city”, He demands an apology from the rapper. According to some sources, the rapper has finally apologised to the Colombian government for his irresponsible behaviour.

This incident was unfortunate for hip-hop lovers as what we believe is if you are an immensely popular artist people look up to you as an idol, inspiration so you must be more responsible to the society.