Winner Of the 4th Fantasy Rap Battle Is..

This week’s Fantasy Battle match up was between Brodha V and Sikander Kahlon and the winner in this match by a close fraction was Bangalore’s very own Brodha V. The fans voted for Brodha V and again this is a league for the fans by a fan. If this battle were to happen it would take the whole Desi Hip Hop scene by the storm as both these artists have different styles.

Both of these artists have been killing it in the Desi Hip Hop scene and I could only imagine the output of bars they would have if they were to step in the battle ring. Sikander’s fans should not be disappointed by the outcome and rather bump his latest drop which is a classic project.

Nevertheless, Brodha V wins this fantasy battle and forwards to the next round of this season. The support for both these artists is immense and both of these artists are legit huge contributors to the Desi Hip Hop scene but if this battle was to happen and both these artists had to trade bars who would you pick as the winner? A very hard choice rather but do let us know on our facebook post.