Winner Of 3rd Fantasy Battle Is..

The Fantasy match up between Ace and Divine comes to an end. Both of the Mumbai legends are killing it in the Desi Hip Hop scene. Divine being a former member of Mumbai’s Finest takes the votes by a huge difference. Both of these artists are close friends and if this battle were to happen it would be worth it.

Both Divine and Ace have been touring and both of the Bombay locals have underground roots. Ace fans should not be disappointed knowing Ace is one of the consistent artists out there and his recent drop is banging. Mumbai’s finest as a crew is amazing and Ace has done amazing work along with his entire crew.

Divine is the winner of the 3rd Fantasy rap battle and the support for the Mumbai vet keeps on increasing with each drop of his. Divine’s votes were approx 130 whereas Ace was approx 20. Landslide ? If this battle were to happen bar for bar who would be your pick?