Winner of The 1st First Fantasy Battle Rap Is Announced

Rounding up the first ever match of the Fantasy Battle League we started Pardhaan won this by a landslide victory with approx 450 votes. Ikka Singh on the other hand did not get enough votes to win this, where was his massive fanbase…?

This isa battle decided fans and the people chose Pardhaan as a victor over Ikka Singh.

The Kali Denali Associate has underground presence along with a little mainstream work. That would explain the number of people that got behind the rapper to support him. If it would ever come to a real life rap battle between Pardhaan and Ikka Singh not only that would be interesting but fierce.

Listen to the recent drop of Pardhaan


Also Ikka fans not worry about this match, instead bump his music :)

The Next match up is soon to drop stay updated.