Will Raftaar be Dropping A New Album in 2017 ?

Raftaar had announced plans of releasing a solo album last year. He titled it ‘Zero to Infinity‘ and was trying his best to release it prior to the end of 2016 but I guess sometimes good things take time. In an interview a few months ago, he did mention that he had composed eight songs so far and would be releasing the first single really soon.

The first time I heard about Raftaar was through the infamous Honey Singh crew ‘Mafia Mundeer’ right about 2009. The crew split after a few years of its existence and that is when Raftaar decided to go solo in an attempt to establish himself as a solo brand.

His next few years involved huge collaborations with Bhangra/Hip-Hop group RDB (Rhythm, Dhol and Bhangra), and went to release his debut solo mixtape ‘WTF – Witness The Future’ in 2013. Since his inception, he has been constantly working on tracks which define him and he has also been giving music for various Bollywood movies. He dropped the track ‘Swag Mera Desi’ which established him as a force to be reckoned with and that even went ahead to win ‘Best Urban Song’ at the Britasia Music Awards in 2014.

Coming back to the album, it is ambiguous to know when the album will actually drop but we do know a few facts. His album is titled ‘Zero to Infinity’ because he had a very humble beginning and his hard work helped him trRaftaar2anscend his own abilities. It is difficult to speak on any features but one can make a calculated guess that he will probably feature some titans from the North or at least the Punjabi music industry. Other than writing, he has recorded and produced most of the album in his own studio.

Although his fans were expecting the album prior to the end of 2016 but Raftaar had a hectic year, he was involved in several Bollywood projects and was also touring for a significant amount of time. We have encountered rumors that even with such a busy schedule he the rapper has managed to shoot a few videos from his album. We hope that 2017 is the year when we finally get to hear ‘Zero to Infinity’.