Will Badshah Drop ‘Original Never Ends’ In 2017?

Badshah is definitely one of the best artists in the game right now. He is underground, he is Bollywood and he is international as well. Badshah has been working vigorously for a very long time now and it seems that the audience has finally realized that his type of sound is what they like the most. Every second movie is demanding Badshah’s exclusive song in their soundtrack.

Many people claim that he is recycling old songs to survive in the industry but sampling is an art, right? His solo Hip-Hop tracks are considered to be far better than his Bollywood releases but everyone needs to earn at the end of the day. ‘Inception‘ is considered as one of his best Hip-Hop tracks but some of his fans claimed that it was lifted from Rick Ross and Drake‘s release ‘Diced Pineapples‘. Badshah made a promise two years ago that he is working on his debut album ‘O.N.E. (Original Never Ends)‘ but it never came out.

Badshah’s fans are desperately waiting for his album to come out but there is something that’s holding him from doing it. Every artist wants to deliver the best. So, they need to go through several processes and changes to create what’s best for their family of fans. Badshah has promised to deliver some of his best Hip-Hop tracks through this album.  He has been working with Bollywood lately and scheduling his time for everything is not an easy thing to do.

The level of hype took it’s flight when his track ‘Inception’ came out. Badshah said “Kuch hi dinon mein meri album aane wali hai” towards the end of the song and everyone was excited again. This was in the November 2014. ‘Bad Baby‘ with Gippy Grewal came out in the June of 2015. In an interview, Badshah suggested that this track was created a year before it’s release and was initially planned for ‘O.N.E.’.

In his recent interview with Raaj Jones, Badshah suggested that whatever he creates for the album starts to sound old or incomplete in a period of time. He even tries to fix those projects with new sounds but it’s a slow process. He confirmed that his album will come out before the end of 2016 but again, it never came out. He even confirmed his collaboration with Raftaar but there’s nothing confirmed on that as well.

All we can suggest you is to wait for his album to drop as it can come out anytime soon. He has been sorting out tracks for the final cut and according to his interviews, it was almost ready a few months ago.

Till then here is ‘Inception’..