Why Rapping In English Is Not A Desi Thing?

In the recent few months, there has been a substantial spurt on the topic of nationalism. A certain section of the vigilantes is tagging any anti-nationals if they are following a certain way of life. They are tagging people as anti-nationals on trivial issues like what language they speak in. If someone isn’t that well versed in Hindi, vigilantes tag them as anti-nationals.

Vigilantes judge the population on the basis of the diet they follow or even by judging their behaviour towards National Anthem. On the other hand, the situation has gotten so out of hand that these vigilantes have become jury and executioner.

Brodha V Image

Between all of this, even hip-hop artists are not spared by these vigilantes. For instance, Brodha V claimed that he has been accused of not being a desi rapper because he does not rap in Hindi. This shows the narrow mindedness of the people accusing him. If these so called nationalist are so proud of them speaking in Hindi, they should boycott the west completely.

Indians have not made any substantial contribution to the world whatsoever except the few exceptions. People who play cricket are not any less Indian because they play a sport that was invented by the British. Does it make any person a less Indian if he writes his exams in English?

Brodha V hails from South India where the Hindi language is not the predominantly used language. English is the second most used language after their respective mother tongue language.

Check out Brodha V’s Facebook post here:

Well, to be honest, we should not be judging anyone on the basis of what language he or she sings, if we can’t accept that fact then these people are seriously ill equipped at surviving anywhere in this world.

It is high time that these people should understand that people have their own views and perception of how they see this world and they shouldn’t impose their own views and customs and wills on people who don’t agree with them.

So people stop politicising anything you don’t understand and stop this behaviour of yours behind the anti-Indian idiocy and foolishness.