What Are Your Dream Collaborations?

Fusion is amazing when it comes to fusing two different sounds which result in a beautiful piece of art. Over the years in Hip Hop we have seen surprising collaborations to some failed ventures. Features have been present in the rap industry since it’s commencement and the wonders a collaboration brings is amazing. In this article, we’ll take a look at my three dream Desi collaborations that I really want to see happen.

1) Raftaar and Bohemia

Both these artists are pioneers in their game. Bohemia’s recent work with ‘Skull & Bones’ is one of the best albums to drop. Period. Raftaar’s work ethic almost matches that of Bohemia and these two, if join forces on a track, would blow the whole Desi Hip Hop scene. Raftaar’s work is different compared to that of Bohemia and that is what would make this fusion altogether interesting as f*ck.

2) Raga and Muhfaad

Both of these artists were friends and are straight out the capital of India. Raga has been consistent with the output he delivers and both of these artists have been advancing in the Desi Hip Hop scene. Both of these young guns got a shout out from the pioneers of the industry and it would be amazing to see Raga’s ecstatic spirit and Muhfaad’s genius on one track, if only they squash their tension.

3) Divine and Prabh Deep

#HipHopMovement. Both Divine and Prabh Deep are my favourites. The underground presence these cats carry with each project of theirs is commendable. Prabh Deep known for his energy fueled live performances and Divine knowing for his gully flow would kill it if they ever do a project together. These artists have performed together but doing a track is a different thing altogether.