Weirdest Indian Collaboration Ever?


Rakhi Sawant is known for a lot of things from controversies to being a television personality. A lot of people also know Rakhi Sawant for when she collaborated with ishQ Bector. These two did a couple of tracks together and surprisingly the output was so freaking good, it left people amazed. No one thought Rakhi Sawant could sing although there was use (a lot) of auto-tuning. Both the tracks done are still to date banging.


Bhoot – ishQ Bector & Rakhi Sawant

This track is revolves around getting lovestruck. With an amazing bridge and a chorus and a very banging beat this track is A1. Amazing music video were both the performing artists dance and the vibes are pure desi as the setting of the video is that of a village. Video directed by Roye Segal and the editing on point done by the same. Overall an amazing track, never thought Rakhi Sawant could actually do something good. Amazing concept by Roye Segal with the music video being shot backwards. The view count of this video being over 700K on youtube is a must watch.

Jhagde (REMIX) – ishQ Bector & Rakhi Sawant

This track is basically about people in relationships fighting and how they make up afterwards. Amazing club banging beat produced by ishQ Bector, the bass is freaking amazing. Just like the previous track the choreography on point. The track overall seems to be okay compared to ishQ Bector’s previous work. The music video’s set up is like a ‘Step Up’ styled dance battle scene where groups just start break dancing.

Also a mix of Punjabi lyricism and Hindi lyricism is done beautifully by ishQ. With the view count of this video being over 600K on youtube this track is a banger for sure and the beat is lit.

What are you thoughts on this collaboration ?