Watch: Shah Rule Reminisces Lost Love In Tu Kahan


Rapper Shah Rule has been ruling the scene for quite some time now, and his new track Tu Kahan has been making waves. Releasing under the banner of Zee Music Company, the track is gaining traction fiercely on social media.

Tu Kahan is a romantic number which shows the story of two ex-lovers who are fighting their urge to get closer to each other. It depicts how even after a breakup, it is very difficult to move on. Especially from someone who you have created a lot of good memories with. Singer Isheta Sarckar has crooned to the lovely tune in this peppy love song.

shah rule isheta sarckar tu kahan zee music company

The music video is on whole new level in itself! Shah and team have kept it classy until the end. The entire feel of the video does total justice to the track. Shah Rule and Isheta Sarckar’s chemistry is also noteworthy. We’re sure the fans are loving this collaboration and hoping to see more from the duo.

Much like all of his previous work, Shah has produced, mixed and mastered his own track. The production is no doubt fire and their voices blended perfectly with it. Tu Kahan is getting a great response from fans, who are thrilled about this Valentine’s Day special release. All the lovebirds missing their exes are bound to connect with this release.

Watch Tu Kahan here, and let us know what you think about it. Comment your views below!