Waqas from Outlandish dropped an album Live on Facebook!

Waqas from Outlandish just dropped an album – Live on Facebook!

The album – titled “One foot on the sink, the other on a Banana peel” – just dropped worldwide on May 24th. So I gave him a call recently to learn about the entire process, and what it all really means to him.

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Waqas mentioned “The title of the album – One foot on the sink, another on the Banana peel – was inspired by my struggles in life. I believe we all go through those moments where we are struggling to find the inner voice among the noisy outer world.”

This is especially a challenge that I face every day, which makes it extra special for me. When I was a teenager (quite some time ago!), Waqas was one of the first Desi rappers who pulled my attention towards his art – and since then, my life has changed completely!


It was Friday – sometime in the early 2000s – when my dad brought home the “weekend papers”. And this particular newspaper that he brought home was called “Fun Times” and it was made for the teenage audience. I remember finding an entire center-fold article about Outlandish and their latest album. It was an album that went platinum and Outlandish did the particular interview during a worldwide tour.

I thought to myself, “wow, this is a guy with Pakistani heritage – I’ve never seen a Desi rapper in my life! And this guy’s touring the world??” That curiosity took me on a whole new roller-coaster ride of discovering the art that Outlandish had released.

Around that time, I watch their music video for “Guantanamo” – and there was that infamous scene of Waqas with a cricket bat dealing with a load-shedding problem and trying to figure out the TV signal to watch a cricket match. I was hooked.

Desi guy, talking about cricket, load-shedding, with a shabby TV connection!? That was my life in a nutshell at that time! Even though I didn’t spend most of my life playing cricket, but I can guarantee you that every other friend of mine was either kicking a soccer ball or balancing a cork ball on a cricket bat!

My respect for the way this man represented our culture skyrocketed. And I continued to listen to Outlandish till today. 

My respect for the way this man represented our culture skyrocketed. And I continued to listen to Outlandish till today.

So, when I saw him release his album Live on Facebook, I knew the world needed to see Waqas continuing to represent our culture to the world – just as he had done almost 20 years ago.

Check out the Live feed below – and I will be back with a dope album review and interview in the coming days…

Waqas Live

Waqas album release performance, sponsored by Shamballa Jewels

Posted by Waqas on Wednesday, May 24, 2017