Waqas spoke the minds of a billion Muslims in 1 album



Waqas from Outlandish just dropped a new album titled – “One foot in the sink, the other on a Banana peel” Yes, the title is strange, but life is strange, isn’t it? That’s what this album is all about – the numerous experiences that one faces while dealing with the contradictions about the good & the evil. The struggle between your inner-self VS your outer extremities.


I clicked play.

Last week, I was getting ready for my day, after jumping off of the treadmill. Hair looking good. Beard game on point. Cologne game above average. Suit, check. Shiny shoes, check. I was ready to take on the day – and it was only 6AM!

My first meeting for the day wasn’t until 8AM. So, now what!? I can’t just walk around in my home all suited up and antsy!

I scrolled through multiple GIFs and Memes on my Facebook newsfeed. Absolutely all of them were underwhelming.
Next up, Arsenal.com. Anything new with Arsene Wenger? Nope.

And then I got a Whatsapp message from my buddy: “Bro, Waqas’s new album is sick!”

I clicked play.

Facebook Live Stream Rehearsal

Hi guys, tune in tomorrow at 12:00(UTC) and not 14:00(UTC) as the video states for my livestream release performance, bring your popcorns:)

Posted by Waqas on Tuesday, May 23, 2017

“In preschool, I was kind of a dork
Kids were like “Yo why is it that you can’t eat pork?”
I wasn’t good at sports, so I never got picked
“What’s up with the Kebab on the Rye bread, EW that’s siiick!”
I didn’t celebrate Christmas at home
So I danced around on the prayer rug, alone….

….Okay, things got a little more weird in High-school
Kids were like “why don’t you drink like the rest of us, fool?”

– WAQAS in “One Foot in the Sink”

I was hooked! This guy was speaking about the same exact experiences felt by millions of Desi people all over the world. And, as a man who grew up in Copenhagen, Waqas knew the exact experiences that outcasted brown kids feel all over the world.


Waqas speaks about the exact experiences in MY life 

“Why do we have to be treated like outcasts?”, I wondered. Not giving it a second thought afterwards – as far as I was concerned, being an outcast makes us unique and stand out. Isn’t that part of the recipe for success? Yes. The answer is YES.

I kept on listening to the album, and to be honest, I have not heard an album like this in a long time.

It’s full of little nuggets of inspirations carefully placed throughout the album. As he speaks about the experiences in his life, I constantly found him to be actually speaking about the experiences in my life. It’s the little blessings that matter in life, and Waqas helped me remember that through out this album.



When you feel inspired, you cannot ignore that feeling

When I spoke to Waqas a couple of weeks ago about this album, he had mentioned that he took moments of inspirations to the next level.

It was mid-February, and Waqas felt inspired to record an album with content that spoke to his true thoughts & feelings.

“I don’t know what happened, it just clicked in me. And suddenly these songs & ideas just started pouring out.”

“In one month – the entire month of March – I knocked it all out.”

Now, that’s a man on a mission. All of us can learn something positive from this little segment right here. Inspiration & motivation may not always come to you, but when you feel something, you have to take full advantage of it – and start running like a predator who eyes his prey.

“I produced myself, wrote songs, recorded everything, and also got the whole thing mixed & mastered within 1 month. One of the songs was produced, written, and recorded within 3 hours!”

Mind = Blown. 

“It was exactly that feeling that I was looking for. As an artist, when you start having that type of inspiration, you cannot ignore that feeling. You just have to shut yourself in the studio – rapping, recording, writing – until it’s done.”

“It’s been really good. The album comes from a very positive place. I really wanted to do a positive album. I could have easily recorded an album that is all melancholic & negative. (I could’ve) talked about how things are messed up – with all the politicians, refugees, and the bombs droppin’ all over the world. But I didn’t want to do that, man. I wanted to do something uplifting for the Muslim youth. Like, it’s cool to be Muslim, you know?”   

Enough talk. It’s time for YOU to be like Waqas and use this inspiration to go cop this album!


Album Teaser

Album Teaser

Posted by Waqas on Wednesday, May 17, 2017