“I Wanted To Break The Monotony Of The Type Of Music I Was Making” Yungsta | Exclusive Interview | Khatarnaak Mixtape


New Delhi mixtape, “Khatarnaak” is coming out next week exclusively on DesiHipHop.com. It features some of the finest artists from the city and holds some serious hip-hop vibes. Sun J, Yungsta was formerly known as Youngsta Ash, Encore ABJ, Calm and MC Heam are the artists on the beats which were exclusively produced by Prabh Deep. The name of the EP might sound similar to The Khatarnaak Hip-Hop Collective but they’re not to be mistaken.

Yungsta, in particular, is known for ripping off stages by his energetic live performances. His recent drop “Ready” was highly praised by everyone as everything about the track was amazing. His reputation is growing immensely for a while now. I’m sure Yungsta’s track on “Khatarnaak” will help him even more.

I recently had a chat with Yungsta about his feature on “Khatarnaak” and here’s how the chat went.

San Cha: What is “The Knock” all about?

Yungsta: It’s a fictional story which at first, shows us the life of a successful artist from an onlooker’s point. Then it takes a dive into the life of the artist himself as the story progresses. It deals with the insecurities and anxieties among more mature themes which lead to a darker plot line. When I started off writing for this, I wanted to break the monotony of the type of music I was making. I wanted to give my audience a cinematic listening experience.

San Cha: How do you think an EP like “Khatarnaak” was needed to push the hip-hop culture?

Yungsta: “Khatarnaak EP” is so fresh and so raw hip-hop that it’s probably one of the most important EPs in the scene. The soundscape matures gradually from boom bap to trap banger but how the zone stays the same throughout is something that aspiring rappers and producers can learn from.

San Cha: How satisfied are you with the production end of “The Knock”?

Yungsta: “The Knock” is overall a very ahead of its time record. Prabh did a great job with the production and it’s the production that drove my mind into the zone. The zone where I wanted to deliver a deep and dark story. The production plays a huge role which is certainly dope.