Want “Khatarnaak” EP? Here’s How You Can Download It For Free

khatarnaak mixtape

New Delhi mixtape, “Khatarnaak” came out today on DesiHipHop.com. It features some of the finest artists from the city and holds some serious hip-hop vibes. Sun J, Yungsta was formerly known as Yungsta, Encore ABJ, Calm and MC Heam are the artists on the beats which were exclusively produced by Prabh Deep. The name of the EP might sound similar to The Khatarnaak Hip-Hop Collective but they’re not to be mistaken.

The EP was already available on Saavn for streaming but not everyone uses Saavn. Right? Eventually, DesiHipHop.com decided to release “Khatarnaak” for everyone but the question is, How can you download it?

We, at DesiHipHop.com, decided to distribute it for free. All you need to do is to provide your full name and email address by filling the form provided below. Once this is done, you’ll get an email from our website which will contain the free download link. Click on it and Wallah, it’s already done. Your privacy will not be breached at all and the sole purpose of getting you registered is to increase our family. So, what are you waiting for? Christmas?

Register yourself down below to get your free download link.