Vizag’s Slow Entry into Hip Hop

Vizag is not big on hip hop and rap; the genre is not something that has been tapped into as much. This is beginning to change of course. There are youngsters who are changing this. A seven member team called Destiny Breakers Crew or DB Crew is the first hip hop group in the city. The members are either students or working in a dance academy. According to the crew members, Vizag is not the most popular city for hip hop, beat boxing and B-boying unlike other cities. Sohail Singh Gill, the founder member of DB Crew believes that the genre will become popular with more social media, workshops, shows and bringing slow awareness among people.


While hip hop or rap was born in the US, it’s off shoots such as beat boxing, breakdancing, graffiti and other street dance originated in Puerto Rico and African American cultures in the 1970s. Sohail who started DB crew was inspired by the movie Step Up 2, he wanted to create something that involves unique floor moves and spin moves. Sohail’s next step was to get a professional from Mumbai to come down to Vizag to conduct a basic workshop. It did not stop at the first one; there were more and Sohail and his gang learnt and practiced and participated in national level competitions in Hyderabad, Bangalore and Mumbai. While they travelled picking up important notes on dancing, they started using some of their knowledge in their own city with Break-Free Sundays-an open workshop on Beach Road which they specifically organised to promote the dance form and slowly started getting some response.

Sohail Singh Gill, the founder-member of DB Crew.

The crew has worked very hard and is now gaining some recognition. They were awarded in group category competitions held in Mumbai and Sohail has been the runner up for a solo top rock competition held in Hyderabad. Other than this, the group performed at a fun and fitness event organised by Times Of India along side Slum Gods, another Mumbai based hip hop team and it turned out to be quite a hit with many viewers on Beach Road.

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