Viveick Rajagopalan Collaborates with Swadesi to Create Something Special in ‘Ta Dhom’

There is nothing more epic than witnessing the fusion of two different genres and giving birth to something which sounds like a blessing. ‘Ta Dhom’ is just the perfect example of that. Viveick Rajagopalan and the Swadesi crew just came together and gave their own twist to conventional Indian classical music and I am honestly bumping this new ‘Avtar’.

Viveick Rajagopalan Swadesi

MC Mawali opens up the track and his flow is similar to a ‘Taal’ and that groove has a unique quality. MC Mayavi comes in next and also follows the same style and rhyme patterns as Mawali and gets your head bumping. My favorite cat from the crew is MC TodFod, his technique and flow is kind of different from his peers but maintains the same ambiance.

This crew has come a long way over the past few months and are one of the best crews to look up to when you are talking about the niche sub-genre within desi hip hop of ‘Folk Rap’. The instrumental is composed of traditional Indian instruments, it is impossible (for me) to list them out all but all I can say is that they have been perfectly blended and accompany the vocals really well.


Swadesi comprises of brilliant lyricists and the following bars from Mawali were my pick of the track. Have a read:

“Mile tho kuch Bacha kal ka hai bharosa kya?
ZIDH Ki tho hoga harass le hosala
Musibate hai har safar ubharke ladna
Khushi le har kisise, failti tujhi se
Ruke, na aaj, Intazar mai kisike
Bekar hai bahane aalsi bus haar mane
Teri kwayishoko mehenat he dawa hai
Uthate ungli mu tu unka band karade”

Check out the full video over here :