Vivaad Has A Message To His Non-Supporters In His Latest Track ‘Em On My Trip’

Saurabh Joshi aka Vivaad is a rapper from a small city in Uttrakhand called Haldwani. He is pursuing a Diploma in Civil Engineering but his real interest is in music. He got inspired by his mother because he says she is a good singer. That is the reason his parents support his music because they know the real value of it. ‘Langda Ghoda’ was his first track where he tells his experience of his life after breakup. He loves hip-hop because he thinks that it is the best way to express your frustration.

Vivaad is back with his new music video ‘Em On My Trip’ in which he depicts his real life story. The whole video is directed and edited by Nashua Unforgetta. Tarun Rawat is the DOP for this track.

The video starts off with a conversation between him and his onscreen love. From the video, it can be seen that the girl does not support his music and leaves him. The whole track is about the people who do not support his music, yet after seeing his success they want to be on his side. The track has good lyricism, good flow and the way the track is picturised is just amazing. After a very long period, I have heard good music from the Haldwani city. This guy has a lot of potential in him and after listening to his music I’m sure he is going to be a big name in the desi hip-hop scene.

Check Out His ‘Em On My Trip’ Here: