Vivaad And L.A. Raised Their Voices Against Rape Cases


Two Haldwani-based rappers Vivaad and L.A have raised their voices against the rape cases in their track “Sajaa-E-Maut”. In India, violence against women has been a major issue. As a matter of fact, rape is the fourth most common crime in India. After every 2 minutes, a woman in India becomes a victim of this crime.

In addition to “Sajaa-E-Maut”, both the artist shared their views on the crime. The main inspiration behind the track was a 5-year-old who became a rape victim in Haldwani. Through “Sajaa-E-Maut”, these two artists wants to open the eyes of the people. Syndrome created the instrumental for “Sajaa-E-Maut”. Young Charsi did the post production of “Sajaa-E-Maut”. This time L.A is on the hook for “Sajaa-E-Maut”.

Significant Lyrics Of L.A:

“Me na janu yaha pe logo ko ho kya gaya,
Khudke bnaaye raste pe hi insaa kho saa gaya!
Kiske andar kya he nahi he bharosa yaha,
Baate kare badi he dimaag sabka chota yaha”

Significant Lyrics Of Vivaad:

“Insaaniyat ho chuki he khatam yaha pe,
Khaali dhaancha rakha padaa insaan he kaha pe,
Khelaa jaata ladkiyo ki izzato se waha,
Jinhe poojte maanke devi hum jahaa pe,
Abe kutte Ke bachche tujhe ye ho kya gaya,
Saara ka saara jameer tera kho saa gaya,
Suni naa cheekh tune man uska rota gaya”

This kind of music can literally change the point of view of a comman man. Go through this track and you will understand what these boys are trying to say through this record.

Stream “Sajaa-E-Maut” By Vivaad And L.A. Here: