“Since DSLRs Became Affordable, Market Is Getting Spoiled.” The Grim | Journey

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Dilpreet Singh, widely known as The Grim, is a Videographer and a Filmmaker. Hailing from the streets of Delhi, his journey of filming music videos started more than five years ago. Initially, he was filming videos for YouTube and stepping into the music video business came out as a surprise. The Grim, as a matter of fact, never enrolled his name in any institution for learning techniques. He decided to learn everything from YouTube instead. So, lack of funds was never an excuse for him.

Like any other self-made artist, Dilpreet’s journey didn’t start from a bed of roses. He has seen ups and downs throughout his career. Back then, there were only a few ones who were doing it professionally. As per him, he was the first one who started doing underground hip-hop videos in India. Amanpreet ‘Godfather’ Singh, his friend, did a rendition of Imran Khan‘s ‘Aaja Ve Mahiya‘ ages ago. It was The Grim’s first taste of an underground music video. “Till date, it is one of my most viewed videos on YouTube”, The Grim said.

Success didn’t come soon but when it came, it came with a bang. Simranjeet Singh was one of his first regular professional contacts. The Grim has done several videos for him including ‘Saanu Ik Pal‘, ‘Sajna‘, his breakthrough single ‘Gucci Armaani’ and others. Yes, the famous Simranjeet and Raftaar‘s single, ‘Gucci Armaani‘.

One of his other finest pieces is ‘Nazarbattu Anthem‘. It was recorded by Abhi Payla for famous Delhi-based YouTubers, Nazarbattu. The music video featured Raftaar and those who love comic skits are well aware of Nazarbattu’s fame. This track was the intro for Nazarbattu’s videos back then. After a proper hype, when the full video came out, it left everyone amazed.

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The Grim has also filmed a number of hip hop music videos for Punit Malhotra since he is The Grim’s blood brother. Music videos of ‘Dope‘, ‘Mainn‘ featuring Deep Harks, ‘Bad Girl‘ featuring Sikander Kahlon and Kauratan were all done by The Grim. Dilpreet gave us an insider’s that Sikander Kahlon is going to shoot a few music videos with him this month. However, other than hip-hop, there are several projects which are lined up for the release as well.

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When I asked him about the difference he has witnessed in the underground music video business since he stepped in, he said:

“As far as I know, I was the only guy who was doing it back then. I’ve always loved hip-hop music but I never wanted to be a proper rapper. Many people tried there luck in the music video business but later, vanished away with time. I don’t like a majority of visual works in the underground these days. Shot by Inflict and Rahul Beniwal are literally doing it properly. On the other hand, people who’re ready to shoot videos in 1,500 INR are spoiling the market. Back when I started doing it, Cameras were so expensive that a few were actually able to buy them. DSLRs became affordable, market is getting spoiled.”

He said Raftaar and Badshah’s presence can energize the aura around you. His best experience of working with someone was definitely with Raftaar. Regardless of the duration he was with him, his level of positivity has helped him a lot.

The Grim is a man of peace. What he think the underground lacks is unity. Making relations before working with someone is important and standing with them in terms of support when they’re down is humanity. His approach towards future is plain and simple. Future is unstable and unpredictable, wasting energy on thinking about possibilities gives birth to negativity. He likes to stay away with it.

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