Video Premiere – ‘Susti Anthem’ | Asardar



A lot of talent is coming out of the New Delhi underground scene and Asardar is just one of those rappers killing it at the moment. He got his own unique style of presenting himself through his songs. Here we’ve got his new music video premier titled ‘Susti Anthem‘ and people who have a lazy streak will love to listen to this track. This music video has all the elements about those lethargic people who don’t like to work.

Asardar’s past releases like ‘Thug Life‘ & ‘Hip Hop Ko Bachalo‘ created quite a buzz in the scene, Rapper has been working for years now and he has a lot of fan following in New Delhi. Asardar helps a lot of new artists from the capital city who cannot afford money to get their song recorded in a studio.

We at Desi Hip Hop had a little chat with Asardar –

DHH – What is Susti Anthem all about ?

Asardar – Susti Anthem is basically the daily routine of a normal class youngsters. As I’m one of them. So everyone will be able to depict their lifes with this song. The track is produced by my friend “Addy on the Beat” This is all about how and when I wake up. How lazy I am. How “Sust I am” and the daily scenario of my morning. It is a very formal funny song with some real lyrics. As I know, many of the haters will post “WHAT A BAKCHOD SONG IT IS” But the truth is this song is the story of each n every teenager. Rest, I’m waiting for the reviews of my listeners. But I can promise, nobody else had ever written these kinda lyrics.

DHH – How did you came up with this idea about Susti Anthem ?

Asardar – To be honest, this is not something that I’ve planned like my other songs. One morning, my Momzy woke me up when I was in a sleepy mood. So just took a pen and a piece of paper and wrote what all I was goin in my mind. That’s it. Nothing Special. Next Question please.

DHH – Video is quite unique and actually depicts the lyrics of the song, who made the video and how did you guys came up with this video idea ?

Asardar – I’d already completed the audio few months back. But was not sure wheather I should drop this or not. Few weeks back, The director of the Video “Avdheseh” joined me at my studio and listened to this stuff and he was like. “THIS SHIT IS REAL AND EPIC BRO. THIS IS SOMETHING THE REAL HIP HOP AND THE CRAZINESS IS DOPE IN THE LYRICS“. So, he planned to make a storyline for this song. and we did shoot the track. After some days. A guy namely “Naman Jain” (NJ Arts) inboxed me some of his work on facebook. and I really loved those stuffs. So, we together planned the track. And he edited the whole scenes and presented the video effectively.

DHH – What tracks you are working on for future, are you planning to take over the scene ?

Asardar – As I have some boundaries so can’t reveal everything. But I can promise to be featured on two commercial tracks as a Rapper this year. The Audio has already been completed. We’re working on the Video instead now. Beside this, I’m working on some Underground songs as well. The most fav. of mine is “MIA KHALIFA”. I’ve already given the sneak peak of that track in one of my DESIHIPHOP FREESTYLE FRIDAYS. The second most fav. of mine is “SAAJNA” and “KAIM” Also, You’ll surely listen some real hot hip hop underground collaborations this year.