Video Premiere – Gangster Lover | Deep Harks


Deep Harks always experiment something new in his songs and this time he tried it in ‘Gangster Lover‘. The song is quite good and is a must watch for everyone, Model Kirty Narang shows her moves on this soothing old school hiphop beat. Rapper is planning to drop a mixtape in future and ‘Gangster Lover‘ is one of the singles from the tape.


Song is catchy with a nice look in the video which makes it all attractive. Deep Harks is a RnB/Hip-Hop artist who delivers quality when it comes to his works & you can judge that in this song. Music Video was shot by Sidhharth Soni & Directed by Lovely Baansal.

We catched up with the rapper and asked him a few question –

DHH – What is gangster lover all about ?

Deep Harks – its all about a gangster guy who falls in love with a girl and experssing his feeling with her. It’s kind of a proposal rap song and its a fully old school and every line is meaningful in this one.

DHH – What are you planning to release in future ?

Deep Harks – well i am planning to release my mixtape soon. in this mixtape i made every type of genre HipHop, Rnb, And Party type
Rap song. and Parth rapper is also featuirng in one rap song. i will soon update my track list of my mixtape. still working on it.

DHH – Any message to your fellow fans & supporters ?

Deep Harks – well much love to all my fans and my supporters. i am getting my level high only because of my fans.

Bhot waddi gal hundi h.. jad underground seen che rehke tuhade bhot change fans bande ne
jo tuhanu dilo support karde ne.. mere bhi kuch crazy fans se jo mere ganea lai bhot wait karde ne
roz menu message karke puchde ne ki nava gana kadd a rea h..
me hamesha di tarha ona lai kuch nava hi leke aan di koshish karda. bas jo me karda mere fans nu changa lagda
vadiya gal te eh h mere lai ki o menu demand nahie karde ki es type de song bana ya is type de o kende ne
Har type de song bana. jeda matlab sab tak ponche.

DHH – If you get a chance, Whom you would like to collaborate with in mainstream ?

Deep Harks – if i ever get a chance to collab with a mainstream artist i would like to collab with ‘Badshah‘ Bhai.