Video Premier | MD Rage | Panda (Refix)


MD Rage is a rapper and cinematographer from Bangladesh who is situated in Kuwait at the moment. He came into the scene a couple of years and was working up on building an audience for himself. However, he abruptly chose to vanish away with time. There were questions that his fans needed answers for and to satisfy their demand, we somehow managed to get those answers for them.

In the wake of being on a break, he is here with his comeback track which is out now. It’s a remix of Desiigner‘s famous single ‘Panda‘ and is a good comeback for him.

MD Rage is here after two years of hiatus and his comeback is worth it. Desiigner’s ‘Panda’ has been remixed by artists globally but the world is still demanding for more remixes. To meet their needs & to change the way this beat has been used by rappers, he cemented the decision of doing it himself.

You”ll get to listen a mixture of Hindi and English rhymes in this release and a synth based melody added to the beat towards the end. It’s almost a 2 minutes long track but his flow will not let you realize it. He has shot, edited, mixed and mastered everything by himself as he is a cinematographer and a musician as well.

To know more about the track, read his exclusive interview with us and support the movement.

Watch ‘Panda (Remix)’ by MD Rage here :