Video | JR & Ikka | ‘High’


JR and Ikka recently announced their collaboration on their social media pages. Ikka’s fans are always excited for his music to come out and trust me the hype was real. He is known for working with acts that are not as popular but whatever they do together comes out to be a banger. Ikka has delivered tracks like ‘Half Window Down‘ and ‘All I Need‘ etc. in the recent past and everyone knows how popular they really are.

As usual, ‘High‘ was highly anticipated and finally, it’s here.

‘High’, as the name suggests, is about getting and staying high on marijuana. It’s the first track that I’ve heard of JR and I’m not disappointed. It’s a trap banger that’s perfect for stoners out there. It’s perfect for bumping in the cars and clubs for celebrations. T-Series is handling the distribution of this track for the audience who’re willing to buy it legally and they’ve a record of investing money on the tracks that literally are literally worth of the promotion.

JR has handled the melodic sections of the track with grace and then comes Ikka to life the vibes up. Ikka comes after the second hook of the track and starts to spit a flow-driven commercial verse that’s full of rhymes. “Aaltu jalaaltu, aayi bala ko taal tu” is one of the most famous comic slangs that magicians use before demonstrating their art and Ikka has used it very well on the track.

Rajat Nagpal has produced this brilliant instrumental while Ikka penned down its lyrics. If you’re a fan of trap music but prefer verses that are easy to connect with, this one is a treat for you but if you are a fan of core hip-hop, you might not like it. Whatever the case is, Ikka has definitely added another banger on his name.

Watch ‘High’ by JR and Ikka here: