Video – J19 Squad ‘Band Karo’

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J19 Squad from Jodhpur, India are known for tracks like ‘Alfaaz‘, ‘Mind Blank‘, ‘Lage Bura‘ & many other highly enjoyable tracks. Harsh Vyas and Pankaj Nimbark have always tried to create something with their out of the box ideas. Their music speaks for them and there’s no second thought on that. They are undoubtedly the most infamous duo out of Jodhpur, Rajasthan.

But, I’m here to cover the project that they’ve delivered recently. This is completely different from what their fans know them for. One should not consider this release as a product of music or simply a Hip-Hop track. It’s definitely more than that.

Band Karo
Why? Because it revolves around some very crucial and miserable acts of inhumanity that is haunting the streets of our society these days. Yes, I’m talking about eve teasing, rapes, molestation, blackmailing women to fulfill someone’s sexual desires by pressurizing them on a mental level. J19 Squad have released ‘Band Karo‘ on January 9, 2017 with a strong message in it.

The message is to treat women right. It’s not about fighting with women, it’s about fighting for women. A couple of incidents that Banglore has witnessed in the beginning of this year has triggered rage in several artists. J19 Squad took a step for it and wrote this track to fight the demons who’re capable of doing such a shameful act of inhumanity. No one has the right to molest a lady and one should understand this. This almost 2 minute lengthy track is mixed by Harsh himself and they both induced their thoughts in their verses.

Open up your mind towards the thought of respecting women and treating them right. They’re not the first one who stood for women. I’ve released a track on the same issue in the beginning of 2016. Artists like King Saifi, Yungsta, Raftaar and many others are furious on whatever happens daily and conveyed the same message.