Venor NRS & King BZ In Pull The Trigger (RUSS) Freestyle


Venor NRS, a UK rapper now living in Paris, France, is about representing Desi Hip-Hop globally. Growing up in the South London vibe, Venor was already in the grime music scene. Street life, hustle and struggle were all there but Venor was living his life and following his passion. His love for rap music and culture got him involved in the scene. As an independent artist Venor said, “No matter where I move in life, I’ll continue making my contribution to this culture through my music sense”.

Venor makes his music in his own home studio and said “My wife is a big support, with her help we were able to put out the music video on the YouTube channel. I desire to do bigger things and want to collaborate with artists. I want to get to know about other artists, work with them, collaborate and make music, whatever is possible through


Black Zang, also known as King BZ is a well known and successful rap artist from Dhaka, Bangladesh. Said to be a Hip-Hop head to the DHH community, his multiple hit record releases are enough to prove his dedication. Currently hosting a radio show in Bangladesh called Planet Hip-Hop on 101.6 FM, every Tuesday from 9-11pm, Zang said, “I talk about the different aspects of the hip-hop movement in the show”.

Recently, he opened a YouTube channel based on the radio show, to reach a wider audience. Hip-hop is more than rapping; it is a culture of its own. Bangla hip-hop is widely dominated by the rappers, but there are many graffiti artists, beatboxers and DJs involved. He is trying to help everyone get a little recognition for their hard work which also helped him explore hip-hop and kept him engaged with his fans. Zang said. “This is important because most of the artists and listeners are still young, so it is important that they get some source of inspiration and information”.


These two artists come from two different countries and they both speak a different language yet they came together with one commitment which is, MUSIC HAS NO LANGUAGE.  And that’s how they both came along with this international collaboration. Both inspired by ‘Pull The Trigger’ by Russ, they agreed on the note and freestyled on the original instrumental. Their lingual difference didn’t bother the other as they kept their own thing straight and didn’t need to change the language. Venor dropped his verse in English and Black Zang in Bengali (subtitles for the Bengali verse are provided). The video is available on the DesiHipHop YouTube channel. Go watch it and give a share with your friends.


All rights reserved by RUSS.

Mixing and Mastered by VENOR NRS

Video Edit work and produced by Low Pro Images Studio.

King BZ verse mastered by Shahriar Sumon

King BZ footage by : Screaming Girl 

King BZ clothing sponsored by : Black Diamond  Clothing.

Graphic Design and artwork done by : Rabby Raz and GFX NOXZ